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The Bugatti family showed artistry in furniture, sculpture and art beginning in the 19th century. One son, Ettore, took a different path and became an engineer, somewhat to his parents’ dismay. Ettore’s genes gave him extraordinary skills in design, aesthetics, and creativity along with his engineering prowess. Many fundamentals of automotive design continue today based on his genius.

After the second World War, Bugatti was unable to maintain its premiere position in the automotive industry, and slowly became a minor player. In 1998, Volkswagen AG purchased Bugatti, but determined that manufacturing should continue in historic Molsheim, former home of the archdiocese of Strasbourg and a Jesuit university. Molsheim, in Alsace, had always been the legendary home of the Bugatti brand. Though the current manufacturing is only using a fraction of the site where up to 1200 workers assembled Bugatti’s historic vehicles, Molsheim will continue to be the home of Bugatti. Regardless of their size, Bugatti remains today a symbol of precision, craftsmanship, and extraordinary engineering.

Volkswagen began manufacturing the Veyron in 2001, using a serial number progression in manufacturing this supercar. About 80 Veyrons are produced at Molsheim each year, and many owners come to the factory to accept delivery of their personal Veyron. This is a tradition that started in Ettore’s day, and customers continue to enjoy this personal aspect of their purchase.

The legend continues.


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